Smart Posture Technology Customized just for you

Posture360 is a fully integrated digital health wearables to SaaS platform solution that manufactures, licenses, and distributes ergonomic products with embedded sensors to monitor and analyse users of good and bad posture throughout the day.


Posture360 was founded by William Choi, a Canadian tech entrepreneur, who had experienced serious backpain for years but could not find a smart and seamless solution to address the pain during his busy schedule, resulting in a worsening condition that interfered with productivity and daily life.

During the past 10 years as an expat in the business of posture, he discovered the need for a true integration of ergonomic practicality and technology integration while living in the heart of South Korea’s Silicon Valley of innovation. Over the years including countless drinking sessions, and tinkering with some of the latest wearables and sensors, he worked with friends who were experts in the field to develop a make-work smart shirt that could be worn to help support and improve his postural habits throughout the day.

His friends and colleagues started to ask for the shirt hearing stories of how neck, shoulder, and backpain affected them as well, and saw a huge gap in the market.

Posture 360

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Together with a team of expert neurosurgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists and fitness experts, joined with some of the most brilliant minds in technology engineering and innovation, Posture360 was born, and is on a mission to change the way the world, sits, sleeps, and moves – one posture at a time.


If you have a question about our products or are interested in learning more about the business, please reach out to us here.