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WeWork We are big advocates of Posture360! Being in an office setting, it is inevitable for us and our community to be sitting for long hours everyday. Ever since we were introduced to their products and services, we feel less pain on our back and shoulders, and generally, feel a lot more productive. Posture360 has gained a lot of traction among the WeWorkbranches, and now, we’re pretty sure this product is spreading out like wildfire around our community in Seoul. The Posture360 pop-up stores and events are very popular and it was all through word of mouth. We are looking forward to the Smart products that Posture360 has in store for 2020. We will definitely support them all the way! - WeWork Community Managers, South Korea
E-Sports, MVP As we sit and practice for long periods of time everyday, back pain has been our #1 concern on our health. Posture360’s products and services have been invaluable to our team, and we are excited to be a part of their integrated digital analytics program next year. We love the MAX+ and noticed after sitting our backs don’t hurt as much anymore so we can focus on peak performance, even after long periods of practice. It’s comfortable to sit on and it compliments the chair really well. It doesn’t even feel like it’s separate from the chair. - Team MVP, Korea
Qantas I absolutely LOVE using this product. The new aircraft I am flying now means that I am able to use this at work - it is amazing! My posture is better, I don’t get the lower or upper back pain I was having on long journeys, and I can feel it generating through to better general posture, even when I’m not using the support. So that’s my feedback - all very positive. Which brings me to the next thing. I have recently showed this to my chiropractor, who is one of the top practitioners in New Zealand -she has a thriving practice and also teaches throughout NZ and Australia. I wanted to get her opinion, as her method of chiropractic is very open-minded and holistic. Needless to say, she was impressed (even insisting that I use it as much as possible and following up to ensure Idid) and was keen to look at the possibility of trying it out with some of her other clients, as well as for herself. I’m not sure if you have a New Zealand agent or distributor, but I believe there is a very good market here for your products. With my change in job I have also had to change chiropractors (although I still see my previous one regularly), and I am planning to show my new practitioner the support as well - hopefully spreading the word further for you!” - Qantas Airlines Captain

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