Letter from the Founder

Every day we wake, we eat, sit, stand, move and sleep. Central to maintaining balance with this routine is our spinal health. Good posture is fundamental to our health and happiness.

Our modern sedentary lives place us at increased risk of suffering from neck, shoulder, and back pain, with poor posture now a systemic health issue.

Posture failure is an epidemic. It represents the number one cause of disability worldwide, the most common reason for missed work and insurance claims, with 80% of adults experiencing back pain, resulting in at least $50bn1 per-year spent for posture related treatments alone. Backpain is beginning to effect people earlier in life where 1 in 4 children by the age of 15 will now experience backpain, with this number increasing.

After 10-years of working in the sector I saw a disconnect. There was no solution that offered a seamless integration between wearables and functional products. By understanding this gap in the marketplace Posture360 was created.

Posture360 is a lifestyle technology platform company that provides beautifully designed, functional posture products that are backed by science and integrated with sensor analytics, so that users can become more aware of their daily posture habits and patterns. Our ambition is to change the way the world sits, sleeps and moves, one posture at a time and through our solution become the trusted brand addressing this global posture failure epidemic.

In early 2020 we will launch our proprietary PostureWear products, the world’s first functional posture apparel that gently corrects the alignment of a user’s shoulders and back for naturally improved posture.

Embedded within the apparel is our patented PostureSense sensor, which connects to a user’s smartphone, tracking and notifying users of good and bad posture, arming them with the information to take corrective action in real time.

Our products are designed in collaboration with a suite of leading orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, fitness experts, chiropractors and hospitals, focusing on delivering a pragmatic and intelligent solution to a global health problem.

PostureWear will initially be available on the Posture360 website and other selected online channels, to be followed by selected offline retailers, initially within Australia and Korea, with other countries to follow.

Posture360 has launched this crowdfunding to help launch PostureWear and start this journey with you in helping us become the authority on posture worldwide.

We thank you for considering this investment opportunity and journey with us and join the Posture360 revolution! 


Yours Sincerely,

Willaim Choi

Founder and CEO

Posture 360


If you have a question about our products or are interested in learning more about the business, please reach out to us here.