(Generation 2.0)

Meet your new real-time posture coach and get into better health.


The Habit Changer

Follow guided posture goals and exercises and break the old habit of bad posture in 14 days. This ultra-light and simple wearable analyses your good and bad posture throughout the day.

Real-time Posture Tracking
PosturePods measure the postural angles of your head and neck 10 times per second to quickly catch poor posture.
Notifications & Alerts
Get real-time inactivity and poor posture alerts and keep track of your posture goals with in-app notifications.
Data Analysis & History
Use the Posture360 app to follow your posture habits and progress.
Air Pods Accessory
Attach to your Air Pods and never lose them again, while monitoring posture health.
Machine learning & Customization
Coaching programs tailored to your individual needs are provided based on your personal posture data.
Mood Check-in
Use the mood check-in function to see how better posture is improving your life.

Your Personal Posture Coach


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