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The Habit Changer

Follow guided posture goals and exercises and break the old habit of bad posture in 14 days.
This ultra-light and simple wearable analyses your good and bad posture throughout the day.

Real-time Posture Tracking

PosturePods measure the postural angles of your head and neck 10 times per second to quickly catch poor posture.

Notifications & Alerts

Get real-time inactivity and poor posture alerts and keep track of your posture goals with in-app notifications.

Data Analysis & History

Use the Posture360 app to follow your posture habits and progress.

Coaching Program & Exercises

Enroll in coaching programs and complete daily exercises to improve your posture.

Machine learning & Customization

Coaching programs tailored to your individual needs are provided based on your personal posture data.

Mood Check-in

Use the mood check-in function to see how better posture is improving your life.

Your Personal Posture Coach

Posture360 App


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