PostureWear is our research-based apparel that gently pulls your shoulders back, reminding you to sit or stand up straight.

Comfortable to wear under any shirt throughout the day, and performance driven for sport or fitness at any level.

Core Principles

PostureWear is a comfortable everyday apparel that can be worn while working out or as an undershirt to prevent you from slouching. It is ergonomically designed to gently pull back your shoulders reminding you to sit and stand straight, while activating muscles to engage the core.


  • Calibrated posture control gently pulls shoulders back.
  • Ergonomic design fits under any shirt-dress or casual.
  • Thermo regulating and anti-microbial materials wick away moisture to keep you cool and odor free.
  • Comfortable flatlock seams.



Attach POSTURESENSE for the ultimate integrated experience, bringing you the best of both worlds In physical correction and data collection.

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The sensor is connected to an app for real-time monitoring and notifications that vibrates when in poor posture.


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